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Meeting Location
Thursday morning in the Tea Gardens Library car park at 8.30am except for the twilight walks when meeting time is 4.30pm.
For Information Contact: 
            Ray Hughes:         0419 616 841
            Cherry Hughes:     0401 098 541
Thursday Walkers recess over the summer period and walk between March and the end of November.
The walking itinerary is assembled at the start of the year and consists of a mixture of:
• Walks in the local area involving a short car trip
• Walks involving a medium distance car trip
• Walks involving a longer distance car trip
The walks are further classified as half day or full day.
Bring morning tea for the half day walks and morning tea and lunch for the full day walks.
Walkers generally car pool on the day and drivers are compensated accordingly.
Generally there are one or two camps a year where walkers stay at a chosen caravan park and explore the walks of that region over a few days. Some previous camps have been held at Coffs Harbour, Katoomba and South West Rocks. For walkers not attending the camps arrangements are made for a local walk.
The Thursday Walkers are a very sociable group and welcome new walkers to their activities. We have many couples, singles and also  partners of  couples who regularly walk. Most of the walks aren't strenuous and only a moderate degree of fitness is required.
The end of the year is generally celebrated with a Xmas party and laughter over the previous year's happenings.


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